Queensland Maths

Queensland education will see students completing all different varieties of Math content over their time in school. Below you will find a breakdown of these subjects and how we address each one.


Primary Mathematics is often called ‘foundational math’ as it is the foundation that all high school math is built off. This can include things such as multiplication, fractions and shape formulas for example.

More interestingly however is that this is often the period where students start to self identify as either ‘math-brained’ orĀ not ‘math-brained’. Since this can be a big determining factor in whether a student enjoys and does well in math in high school, we focus on showing the student that anyone can learn the fundamentals.


Maths A is commonly referred to as ‘real-world or Practical’ maths and all of its content has its roots in some potential real-world scenario. This may include topics such as Money Management, Data collection/Interpretation, and Applied Geometry.

This subject suffers from a level of stereotyping amongst students as “the easy math subject”, oftentimes being considered the required math subject for those who feel that aren’t personally able to attempt more difficult math subjects. Because of this, students issues with the subject are often tied to their self-perception as someone who isn’t good at math, so they don’t try, and subsequently, don’t succeed.

Our tutor’s are aware of this and place a higher emphasis on the psychology of a students perception towards the subject to allow for greater long term successes with maths in general.


Maths B as a subject seeks to further expand a students understanding of how Mathematics can be applied to a diverse range of scenarios. Since this involves going beyond basic applications, the complexity of the subject grows which has given it a reputation of a high difficulty subject in school. A student will learn a variety of topics such as Functions, Rates of Change and Optimisations to name a few.

The most common problems faced by students with this subject involve the sheer increase in difficulty of the material as well as disinterest from a lack of belief in the real world application of the material in their personal lives. For a subject like Maths B, studying is a necessity that many students don’t fully understand how to do so efficiently.

Our Tutors can offer advice on personal study techniques as well as helping to personalise the complex content in a way the student is going to understand.


Maths C as a subject is usually only recommended for students looking to pursue mathematical study in some further educational capacity and is often done in conjunction with Maths B. The reason for this is that Maths C attempts to deepen the ideas presented in Maths B, while also introducing more theoretical concepts. Some topics students will cover are Calculus, Matrices, and Real/Complex number systems.

The problems faced in this subject are similar to Maths B in that both subjects bring to light any fundamental concept a student has previously not fully grasped. The key to this with tutoring is identifying what exactly that topic was and helping to clarify it first as well as how it’s relevant to the subject. We do this by working backward with a student to identify the gaps and fill them with a personalised approach.


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