Queensland History

Queensland Education History has two goals it hopes to achieve with students. Firstly, to give historical context to the world we live in today by exploring the major players of the past and the psychology behind their actions. Secondly, from understanding that psychology, students can better see how the mistakes of the past may be repeated if we fail to recognise the signs of them.


History can often be under-estimated by students, but can be a very worthwhile subject to learn, given the student wants to learn. Primarily split into tests, assignments, and speeches, modern history requires that students understand the what, how and why of historical events and what they could help tell us about the future going forward.

The most common issues for students with modern history is usually a misconception of what is most important about the subject. Often we have heard students characterise history as just “remembering names and dates“. While this may be due to the way they were taught, the real core of History is the exploration of the minds of people who were at the center of major historical events, and understanding why they did what they did. Once a Tutor can help a student understand this difference, we tend to see a greater appreciation for the subject and a change in their overall performance.


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