Queensland Biology

Queensland Education Biology focuses on having students understand how biological systems of all levels interact and interrelate with one another. Furthermore, it places a high emphasis on proper scientific inquiry when approaching any assessment piece.


Primary Science is less focused on the major disciplines of science and more focused on getting students interested in the world of science. The extent of science at this level is students having an understanding of what it means to conduct an experiment as well as what the scientific method is.

Most student problems at this level are usually based on a lack of interest in the subject, so our tutors often try to emphasise that focus in any sessions for primary science.


Fundamentally, high school general science is meant to demonstrate to students what they can expect from studying Chemistry, Physics or Biology in year 11 and 12. As such students will be expected to complete experiments from various different fields and create a report or speech on what was discovered.

The problems students face with this is often time-management based. The time it takes to conduct an experiment properly and create a report is often longer than students think and this can create a lot of stress close to the due date. Therefore out tutors focus primarily on time management and scheduling for this subject.


Biology is occasionally seen as the easier of the 3 sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), but this often leads students to under prepare and subsequently fall behind before they have realised. It covers the analysis of biological systems of different sizes from cellular systems to major ecological systems.

Like the other sciences, problems with Biology for students usually stem from not understanding the difference of argument styles between science and English assessments. Most notably, any argument made in this subject should be devoid of emotional language, which if done in an English assessment could see that student doing very poorly as a result.

Our Tutors have experience with these assessment pieces and are aware of what criteria students are being marked on, thus they can help clarify content as well as direct the student’s work in the most optimal direction.


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